If you are using a race gas such as C16/Methanol/AvGas you will be required to bring 2x fuel specific fire extinguishers as our provided fire extinguishers are only useful for unleaded petrol and E85

Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park

Date: Saturday February 24th and Sunday February 25th 2018

Arrive: 8:15am onwards

Briefing: 9:00am [all drivers to attend - no show, no skids, no refund]

Burnouts Start: shortly after briefing and will continue in sessions at specific times pending entrant numbers

Burnouts End: up to 4:00pm pending entrant numbers



  • Driver entry + personal spectator entry on both days
  • Sticker pack [while available]
  • Drink specials at after party [ELEMENT BAR R18]
  • Access to ZeroclassDRIFT x Two Rooks Cola corporate suite ft. licensed bar
  • Entry includes GST and any/all online payment fees for credit card, debit card or direct debit via Poli Online Banking

Please Note:

All cars must be to a certain standard. Refer to the driver/car standards page on the main menu and ensure you have Drift Matsuri's permission to enter below proceeding with payment.

Additional information:

  • Please do not bring any pets to the motorsport park [unacceptable to leave the doggo in the car]
  • No smoking in pitlane or pit garages - smoke only in the acceptable areas [well away from any fuel sources
  • No alcohol permitted to be brought on site - please use the licensed bar available. No drinking and driving

 Most importantly, enjoy yourself and shred some tyres!

Refund Policy:

For any reason you are unable to make it on reasonable grounds or unforeseen circumstances. Drift Matsuri & Zeroclass Limited reserves the right to offer a maximum of 50% refund or 50% credit towards your next event.

NOTE: This is ONLY applicable up to 4 weeks out from an event. No refund or credit will be issued any closer to the event.

If you are removed from the venue/driving sessions due to your own negligence on/off track for non-cooperation of the rules OR actions set out in briefing by organisors and staff of Drift Matsuri, no refund will be issued. Suck it up princess, don't be a dickhead xx