So you're interested in coming along to New Zealand Drift Matsuri, awesome! There are a few things you may need to know before getting in contact with us.

Before going out on track or signing up please read over these basic requirements and standards to ensure you'll have the best experience possible.

  • Cotton overalls minimum
  • Covered shoes
  • Race helmet (open faces ok)
  • No stupid or dangerous driving. Theres drifting and then theres just being a dick.
  • If you crash into someone or vice versa through basic error, sh*t happens. No animosity towards each other. Make sure you’re both okay and laugh it off. It’s motorsport.
  • No handhelds in car. Mount go-pro or film recorder with approved mounts securely. (one warning)
  • No hands out window (one warning)
  • No dogs or other pets on site - leaving them in the car is not acceptable
  • No alcohol or drugs to be brought onsite
  • Strictly NO smoking in pitlane or pit garages. Fuel is flamable.
  • Most importantly - Enjoy yourself and keep a positive attitude!

 If you have any other questions flick us a message on Facebook [Click Here]

Want a downloadable version of basic driver and car standards? Check below:

New Zealand Drift Matsuri