So you're interested in coming along to New Zealand Drift Matsuri, awesome! There are a few things you may need to know before getting in contact with us.

The main thing we are trying to achieve here in New Zealand is increasing the level of car and driver standard, along with another key factor, style. Keep in mind, most of these are very easy to achieve with little money on or facebook buy/sell/swap pages.

CAR STANDARDS/SCRUTINEERING LIST, Code of Conduct - see below.

    • Tow hooks clearly identifiable front and rear
    • Working Taillights/Brake lights
    • Catch Cans, no venting straight from cam covers - minimum of 0.5L catch can
    • Check oil lines and connections for leaks - Triple check these
    • Check fuel lines and connections for leaks - Triple check these
    • Seats mounted firmly with 4 points of contact.
    • Harnesses/Seatbelts attached appropriately
    • Fire Extinguishers - 1kg minimum, mounted securely within reach of driver.
    • Alternate fuels - If you're running Methanol, C16 or any other complex other than a pump gas. You will need to provide a fuel specific fire extinguisher. Why? Check at the bottom.
    • Roll cage is not required to enter, but is required to take passengers. No need for homologation but cage must be to a high standard. Half cages, ideally must have side intrusion.
    • Check wheel nuts are correctly torqued after each session and after replacing tyres. 4 stud = 4 wheel nuts, 5 stud = 5 wheel nuts. No weight reduction through missing wheel nuts please.
    • Bonnet pins/latch secure
    • Battery - Securely mounted, if re-located it must be inside a battery box. Note: Dry-Cell is fine exposed.
    • Exhaust positions - Must exit no sooner than behind the front door to eliminate exhaust gases entering the car. Note: Please point this downward with a bend to avoid spraying our marshals with excess fuel.
    • Exhaust db - Keep it reasonable, throw a resonator in.
    • Wastegates out bonnet/other alternative way - please keep the pipe no longer than 40mm-50mm out the bonnet

    Advanced level
    One thing we have, and most likely always will promote, is the present-ability of the cars that attend the advanced level events. We understand everyone is on a budget, a little effort really does goes along way. We don't ask alot but if you are attending an advanced event please try your best start the day off running the following:

    • Headlights - if not, headlight covers
    • Bumpers - man up and run them, they look better on rather than sitting in the pit garage.

    If you have any questions feel free to send us a message on Facebook Click Here

    Want a downloadable version of basic driver and car standards? note this may not be an up to date version so always refer to the above just incase!

    Check below:

    New Zealand Drift Matsuri - Driver Standards


    CODE OF CONDUCT - **Important**

    • Please - respect what we are doing and the calls that we make, if we have to tell you that you are doing something wrong it is for a reason. We don't want to be in that position just as much as you don't want to hear it.
    • Where possible, do not pop your tyres, it is a nightmare to clean up at the end of a long day
    • Stay within your limits and then go from there, not everyone is Daigo Saito on their first warm up lap.
    • Stick to designated drift sections, do not drift over the main control strip on the pit straight.
    • If you have tyres being changed by our tyre fitter, take your used tyres away with you. Failure to do so could result in a ban if we have to pay $35 p/tyre as a penalty for removal
    • Oil Leaks - please ensure these are wiped up as soon as possible and de-greased from the concrete/asphalt
    • No fuel containers to be stored within the garages overnight
    • No Smoking in pitlane or garages, please use the designated areas. If you see someone smoking please give them a tap on the shoulder for us.
    • Be patient, you will all get as much track time as humanly possible. If there is a slight delay it is most likely due to another driver putting his sh*t in a wall or throwing oil everywhere. Your session times will be paused during this period.
    • Tandems, please make sure both drivers are happy to tandem, wave out etc before hand to see if they're keen or confident enough to do so.
    • Grass damage - this will be split up between all the driver bonds and the balance refunded. We have reduced this bond to $30 overall, if a particular person/s caused a majority they will be given a separate bill on top of the $30.
    • Armco barriers can cost up to, or over $5000+ to replace. Don't hit one as this will not be billed to us, it will be direct.