Pit Shed's - Special Stage 2021

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Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, Waikato

October 9th 2021

Pit Garages are located on the NATIONAL side of the circuit and because of this are suitable for advanced drivers on the National Circuit Only.


Full Shed = Both Sides of a Shed (Shareable with 4 Cars Max)

Half Shed = One Side of a Shed (Shareable with 2 Cars Max)

Access is available from Saturday morning

Please note: Friday afternoon access may be a possibility but please consider this as a TBC at this stage.

Garage Rules:

  • All fuel containers to be taken with you overnight (not to be left in shed overnight)
  • Please sweep out the sheds and leave the area as you found it before you arrived
  • Clean up all oil/coolant spills you may have over the course of the day/weekend. See us for some spill kit.
  • No welding in the sheds
  • Take your left over tyres with you
  • Respect the other people who may be sharing your shed
  • If the garage space next to you is empty and you open this for your friends you will be charged for the extra shed. Do this the correct way and have them come and see us so we can collect payment.

Refund Policy:

  • Garages are sold on the basis that you are expecting to make the event. We may offer a maximum of 50% refund up to 4 weeks out from the event. Requests placed within the 4 week mark are unable to be approved as garages are pre-paid for.

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