Welcome to New Zealand Drift Matsuri!

Welcome to New Zealand Drift Matsuri!

Whats going on guys and girls!
Here is a pretty standard welcome to a new website scenario. We have wanted to stretch out beyond just social media and create a "one stop shop" hub for everything that is the glorious Drift Matsuri here in our awesome country, New Zealand - not to be confused with the cool "East Island of Australia" as pictured below.
Whats our aim? Focus on further growing the grassroots side of the sport here in NZ in a positive atmosphere with everything you could ever want out of an event and more. We have been running the "Zeroclass Drift" events for the past 5 years and 18 months ago we decided to push even further into what we are proud to say is becoming an iconic event.
New Zealand Drift Matsuri
Become a part of the movement and hit that subscribe button for all Matsuri updates, the worlds best street and wild comp spec styled cars, the odd partner promotion that may benefit yourself or a mate and any legit upcoming events we'll be hitting up, because lets be honest, who doesn't love a good skid every once and awhile.
P.S. if you're on instagram - you know where to find us.. @driftmatsuri_nz
Stay tuned.
December 21, 2016 by Chris Howard